Andrea & Pilar

Andrea and Pilar, brother and sister, represent the next generation of the Gritti family. Following their studies and travels around the world, the two began their journey in the family business, deciding quickly to launch an original project, allowing them to invest their passion, skills and love for wine.

Starting with some of the best vines from I Girasoli di Sant’Andrea and a clear, pure and radical philosophy, the siblings created new wines – and more interestingly – a new business idea.

The conventional management of the company’s origins no longer exists: Andrea and Pilar have embraced clean agriculture and viticulture that is attentive to the well-being of the environment and the health of its fruits, fundamental grounds for artisanal wines that respect their land.

An idea well rooted in the company’s new leaders, overseeing the vineyard and the cantina, every step of the way.